8 Impressive and Most Expensive Military Parades Around the World

Cities around the country hold their own parades to celebrate holidays like Independence Day and Memorial Day. But the president wants a national, military-focused one. Donald Trump requested a US military parade after attending one of many similar processions around the world.

This is what other countries’ military parades look like, and how they might inspire the celebration the president has called for.

1. Iran

Iranian soldiers take part in a parade held to mark the national army day

Soldiers participate in Iran’s National Army Day parade. | Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images

An annual parade commemorates the Iran-Iraq war as Iran’s military floods the streets. The country’s National Army Day parade doesn’t shy away from proudly displaying the country’s defenses. Even air-launching missiles make an appearance.

Next: This parade includes cool stunts along with displays of heavy artillery.

2. India

An Indian Army contingent marches during India's 69th Republic Day Parade

An Indian Army contingent marches during India’s 69th Republic Day Parade in New Delhi.  | Money Sharma/AFP/Getty Images

India holds a military parade every year to celebrate the adoption of their constitution. The Republic Day parade usually features tanks, missiles, soldiers on foot, and even some troops mounted on camels. Following military personnel are a variety of dancers and stunt performers.

Next: This parade inspired an American president to hold one in his own country.

3. France

Annual Bastille Day military parade on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris

France’s Bastille Day parade inspired Trump. | Christophe ArchAambault/AFP/Getty Images

France’s annual Bastille Day parade, which features a small number of members of the American military, inspired President Donald Trump to request a similar U.S. parade, which could cost the country as much as $30 million.

Next: You’ll also find missiles during this large parade.

4. North Korea

Korean People's Army (KPA) soldiers carrying packs marked with a radioactive symbol

North Korea openly parades its missiles throught the streets. | Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)

Many of the weapons displayed during North Korea’s military parades date back decades, to the Cold War era. And even though they aren’t the only nation to do so, North Korea openly parades its missiles through the streets during the procession.

Next: Sometimes, a royal birthday calls for a very specific type of celebration.

5. The United Kingdom

The Queen's Birthday Parade: Trooping the Colour

The Trooping of the Color parade marks the Queen’s birthday. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The UK holds military parades for a few reasons, including Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. But their Armed Forces Day parade takes place during Military Appreciation Month, and features troops in traditional British Armed Forces uniforms.

Next: This country uses their parade to show off their new defense tech.

6. Russia

Russian military personnel, wearing Red Army uniforms

A Victory Day Parade is held every year in Moscow to celebrate the end of World War II.| Mikhail Klimentiev/Pressphotos/Getty Images

Russia’s Victory Day parade takes place in Moscow every year to celebrate the conclusion of World War II. It often features the country’s latest military equipment, and isn’t complete without a flyover of Russian fighter jets.

Next: The timing of this parade sends a very specific message.

7. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's holy Muslim city of Mecca

The Mecca Parade takes place just before Hajj. | Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images

Saudi Arabia’s 2017 Mecca Parade featured marching troops, rolling tanks, and multiple hovering helicopters. The procession took place to show off the elite forces right before Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to the city.

Next: This is the biggest and most expensive parade held globally.

8. China

People's Liberation Army tanks roll past Beijing's Tiananmen Gate

The country hosts one of the most expensive military parades in the world. | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

China’s military parade is the most expensive — and probably one of the largest — in the world. A procession of 12,000 soldiers, over 120 aircraft, and 500 tanks and missile launchers fills the streets in front of the Tiananmen Gate each year.

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