Increasing Productivity: Impressing Your Boss May Be This Easy

The productivity consultants from 'Office Space' appear pleased

The productivity consultants from ‘Office Space’ appear pleased | 20th Century Fox

Keeping your productivity up throughout the day can be tough. In a day and age where employers value output and productive workers more than just about anything, one of the surest ways to make your boss realize that you’re a stalwart and integral piece of your organization is to outwork everyone else. That may be as simple as pumping out more work than your colleagues, but the hang-up is that everyone tends to hit their physical limit at some point.

So, how can you keep up your productivity throughout the day, and manage to show the boss that you’re deserving of a raise or promotion? It may be as simple as getting out of your chair a little more often.

A new report from Ergotron — titled The JustStand Index — details how important it is to actually get up during the workday, especially if you want to keep your productivity up. In fact, according to the report, merely sitting in a chair all day leads to more lost productivity than mindlessly browsing Facebook and Pinterest. In short, prolonged sitting is killing your output, and costing businesses billions.

“While the impact of prolonged sitting on the human body has been well-documented in recent years, employers have been slow to connect the dots between extended sitting and the physical health of employees—or its corresponding effect on the overall health of an organization,” the Index says.

So, with this information in hand, it seems that an easy way to gain an advantage in your workplace would be to take strategic breaks to ensure you remain engaged and productive.

“Sedentary behavior is driving up healthcare costs and affecting performance and productivity. One almost shockingly simple solution is to get people moving,” said Betsey Banker, wellness manager at Ergotron. “Whether it’s standing meetings, walking paths or sit-stand workstations, employers can embrace movement in a way that has a positive impact on employee health and productivity every day.”

Productivity pitfalls

If your employer isn’t keen on implementing a “sweatworking” campaign in your office, that doesn’t mean you should let yourself off the hook. The biggest challenge here is making yourself accountable — and it’s going to make all the difference when you see your co-workers dozing off after lunch, and you catch your second wind. That is truly where you’ll be able to separate yourself from your competition. And when it comes time to promote someone to management, or dole out raises? You’ll be at the top of the list.

But holding yourself accountable may be more difficult than it seems. The report itself outlines a few things to keep in mind — notably, that we may be giving ourselves a “false sense of fitness” by wearing fitness trackers, and that many companies actually have wellness programs, though relatively few people actively take part in them. Read through the report itself to get the gist, but just know that there are many ways to help remain productive throughout the day which can put you in the good graces of management.

Get moving to see productivity improvements

Getting active in the middle of the workday isn’t going to be easy for everyone. Some of us are almost literally chained to our desks or workstations, meaning that we have to keep an eye on things lest something goes horribly wrong. But even if this describes your situation, there are steps you can take to minimize the effects of sitting, and help improve your workflow and productivity.

Katy Bowman, a biochemist and best-selling author, shared her six-step method for getting some exercise at your desk. These are small but crucial movements and can pay off big time if you’re willing to give it a shot. There are other things you can do as well, but Bowman’s method is a great place to start.

There are clear benefits to getting more exercise during the day. If you’re serious about gaining an advantage on your co-workers and professional rivals, it may be as easy as getting out of your chair.

Check out the entire JustStand Index from Ergotron for more information.

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