Intel to Shutter Hudson Plant, T-Mobile’s Subscriber Adds, and 3 More Hot Stocks

Intel Corp. (NASDAQ:INTC): Intel will be closing a Hudson, Massachusetts plant that employs 700 workers by the end of 2014, though spokesman Chuck Malloy told the Boston Globe that the plant will be run near capacity until it’s closed to fill existing orders to build inventories of chips that Intel will no longer make following the closing. The Globe points out that the plant uses equipment that is “more than a decade old,” and doesn’t make any of Intel’s Core, Xeon, or Atom CPUs.


T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS): CMO Mike Sievert says that T-Mobile, the fourth-largest U.S. carrier, had a record share of gross postpaid subscriber adds in August, as the Jump program and the company’s subsidy and contract-free initiatives took effect. T-Mobile had a steady increase of users throughout 2012, though its second quarter results from this year saw unprecedented gains of about 688,000.


Visa (NYSE:V): Visa CFO Bryon Pollitt has adopted a pre-arranged stock trading plan, under which he may sell up to 63,748 shares of company stock. The plan is scheduled to end in November of next year.

v-20130913 Inc (NASDAQ:PCLN): Sponsored Listings is the latest effort to help Priceline monetize its viewership, offering an ad product that gives hotels the ability to show targeted ads to consumers when they search for travel deals on Priceline’s sites. Hotels can target users based on demographics, length of stay, and location, among other things.


JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM): JPMorgan is planning to set aside an additional $4 billion towards resolving its risk and compliance issues, with the bank also planning to deploy an additional 5,000 workers. JPMorgan is in the midst of numerous probes and investigations for various reasons, and will spend another $1.5 billion on managing risk and complying with regulations, reserving an extra $2.5 billion for litigation. It has already spent $18 billion since 2008 in legal expenses.


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