iPhone 4S Subscribers Up Across the Boards With Verizon in the Lead

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 4S is continuing to add new subscribers from all three U.S. phone carriers; however, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) has taken the greatest lead in the race, according to a J.P. Morgan report.

From the new phone, Verizon may see the addition of 1.2 million postpaid subscribers during the fourth quarter, representing a rise from J.P. Morgan’s 1 million forecast.

Coming in second place is AT&T (NYSE:T) with an additional 450,000 subscribers while, Sprint (NYSE:S), who added iPhones to its product line with the 4s, comes in third with approximately 250,000 subscribers in the quarter.

T-Mobile USA is the sole carrier without the iPhone and is now projected to lose close to 400,000 postpaid subscribers this quarter.

Even with their limited supply, iPhone 4S sales has been high for the carriers seeing delays from two weeks for some in models at AT&T and Verizon, with a one-week wait at Sprint. iPhone sales have hit the 6 million-mark at AT&T, followed by Verizon (4 million) and Sprint (around 1.75-2 million).

Fourth Quarter Sales and Subscribers

With an estimated 31 million mobile phone fourth quarter sales, the majority are forecast to come from 11.5 million iPhones, 11.5 million from other smartphones and the rest feature phones, according to CNet.

At the fourth quarter’s end, Verizon will have 11% of its postpaid subscribers as iPhone users, increasing from the 7% estimated at third quarter’s end. A greater number, 32%, will represent the company’s fourth quarter sales, rising from third quarter’s 19% sales.

AT&T (NYSE:T) continues its lead of iPhone postpaid subscribers at 36% by quarter’s end, an increase from third quarter’s 32%. An even greater number of phone sales, 57%, are going to be iPhones, also up from third quarter’s 33%.

And for Sprint (NYSE:S), who placed large bets on the phone’s sales, this is the company’s first complete quarter with iPhone sales. Sprint will see approximately 6% of its subscribers using the iPhone, with 33% of its handset users buying an iPhone.