Is Apple Abandoning This Problem?

Nearly 8 months after its release, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) appears to be taking little action to fix the problems that have plagued its much-criticized podcast app. After years of allowing Apple users to download podcasts through the iTunes app on their iPhones, Apple finally released its own standalone podcasting app for iOS in late June, 2012. Consumers, who were expecting the typically well-designed and user-friendly apps that Apple has built its reputation on, were soon sorely disappointed by the new podcast app. The app is currently rated at only 1.5 stars in the App Store.

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Most users describe the interface as counterintuitive and confusing, with uninspired design graphics that are more reminiscent of an Android app. The performance of the podcast app is also poorly rated; with many users experiencing inexplicably sluggish download speeds and others reporting numerous unwanted downloads that have the costly side effect of running up their data bills. After an initial surge of consumer interest in the app, it appears that many consumers are returning to alternative podcasting apps, such as Downcast and Instacast.

Strangely enough, while podcasting has continued to grow in popularity through alternative apps, Apple has yet to invest the time or money into repairing their own official podcasting app. The fact that podcasts used to be able to be downloaded without problem through the previous version of the iTunes store only adds to current podcasting app users’ frustrations.

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