Is David Tice the John the Baptist of Wall Street?

John-the-BaptistJohn the Baptist is responsible for the Apocalyptic stories in our cultural consciousness. He envisioned a world in which a total hell would descend on earth more wild than Marylin Manson’s most drug induced hallucinations. Similarly, as Liz Claman correctly notes in the following video, David Tice sees the world from a different prism: a completely hellish one.

David manages a bearish fund. So, like anyone who knows how the Wall St. machine works, he makes the rounds to talk his book. However, like all evangelists before him, David’s repetition has not done much in the way of changing reality.

Permabulls and permabears share the same common flaw: they take one extreme view and carry it to its logical (although improbable) conclusion. As a result, they fail to account for the ever-changing nature of societies and the complexity of the unknown.

Humor yourself and decide whether David is a consistent investment adviser — his fund’s performance (Nasdaq: BEARX) is not — or one step away from the loony bin:

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