Is Generation Y Creating a Legacy of Laziness?

The economic downturn, unemployment, and a host of other problems with this modern age can all be attributed to the work ethic of Generation Y … at least this is what some people (mostly from Generation X and older) would like to argue.

The constituents of Generation Y are those individuals born from the mid-70’s to the early 00’s. While it is easy enough to call the coming-of-age generation lazy, it is important for Generation X-ers and their elders to consider why this prognosis might be a tad narrow-minded.

While Generation Y certainly plays more videogames, spends more time on the computer and generally relies more on technology (NYSE:XLK) to service its needs, it is fair to say that Generation X would be similarly reliant on such devices if they had been as ubiquitous back in the day. As for accusations of a more general laziness irrespective of technological advances, it is worth noting that Generation Y is not the first to have been condemned for a lacking work ethic. Generation X received harsh criticism for being spoiled in much the same way by the influx of toys and technologies that emerged for mass-distribution in the 70’s and 80’s. The baby-boomers were in turn criticized by their parents for a lack-of-direction, typically associated with 60’s hippie culture.

In closing, Generation Y probably is lazier in some ways, but this is merely to be expected given the range of “toys” and technological conveniences available to them. However, condemning these leaders of tomorrow is certainly unproductive, if not a bit short-sighted. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Evan Hawk is a productive member of Generation Y.