Is Google Plus Threatening Facebook?

Social media joins the ranks of retail and film as a market that sees a surge over the holiday season. Unofficial statistician Paul Allen says Google+ (NASDAQ:GOOG) has crossed the 62 million user threshold, the majority of which have signed up this month.

Allen found that about 625,000 new users have been signing up daily over the past several weeks, racking up big totals in the holiday season. In fact, this means that nearly a quarter of all Google+ users have come aboard this month.

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CNET quoted Allen, who said, “I expect the growth to continue to accelerate. Google can continue to integrate Google+ into its other products and word of mouth will continue to build. Most importantly, 700,000 Android devices are activated daily and this will become a very significant source of new users for Google+. That number will also grow next year.”

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) itself has been coy about sharing Google+ user numbers. The latest statement from Google came on October 13, when Google CEO Larry Page said that the new social media site had 40 million users. While Allen’s stats show booming sign-ups as of late, they don’t reflect how often those users are actually visiting the site.

ComScore and Experian Hitwise released data this summer that said user visits were actually declining. Google continues to try to build membership by integrating Google+ into its other products as well as boosting advertising efforts.

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