Is iWatch Apple’s Next Big Stock Catalyst?

Will a computerized wristwatch become the newest must-have Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) device? Rumors have been swirling that Apple is in the process of developing a wristwatch-like device that takes advantage of the latest innovations in flexible glass technology. Corning, the manufacturer of the glass that is used in the iPhone, has already revealed the existence of Willow Glass, a radically new type of thin, flexible glass that is able to be bent around objects without breaking.

Already dubbed the iWatch, Apple’s latest product could contain health-monitoring sensors, similar to Nike’s Fuel wristband, along with features like GPS or Siri, Apple’s popular voice assistant program. Interestingly enough, Apple’s chief executive, Timothy Cook, has been spotted wearing a Nike FuelBand. However, with Apple’s history of surprising technology advances coupled with innovative new products, it is quite possible that the iWatch could do something completely different from what has been speculated.

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Although smart watches have already been introduced by smaller companies like Pebble and Basis Sciences, it will probably be larger companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Samsung who will be able to leverage their substantial development and marketing resources into taking the lion’s share of the fast-growing wearable technology market. Besides developing their augmented-reality Google Glass headgear device, Google developers are also in the process of working on their version of a smart watch. Screenshots of a smart watch that is supposedly in development by Samsung have also recently emerged online, so Apple could have some stiff competition in the future as they try to take the lead in the lucrative wearable technology market.

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