Is Melania Trump Sending a Secret Message to Donald Trump with Her Expensive Designer Outfits?

Since becoming first lady of the United States, Melania Trump has been making headlines for her choice of clothing: How much it cost (always a pretty penny) and whether she made the right choice for the occasion.

Here we’ll look at the ways Melania’s pricey outfit choices may have been sending messages to her husband and others. Was a pink blouse a subtle commentary on Donald’s “locker room talk” (page 5), and was a vibrant green dress a direct message to a former Mrs. Trump (page 4)?

1. She played it cool post-scandal

  • Price of Adam Lippes dress: $1,280

In March 2018, Melania avoided the spotlight during the Stormy Daniels scandal by spending spring break in Florida with son Barron. She made one public appearance in visiting Palm Beach’s St. Mary’s Medical Center to bring Easter baskets to young patients.

Decked out in a casual asymmetric striped dress, the first lady sought out a polished yet casual look.

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2. She has diplomacy in mind

Melania’s wardrobe on this trip cost more than a new car. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

  • Price of her Asia trip wardrobe: More than $42,000

In November 2017, Melania joined her husband on a tour of Asia. In an act of diplomacy, she stepped out in Beijing wearing a black embroidered Gucci gown. Its design was inspired by elements of a traditional cheongsam — a floor-length silk gown with a high slit. She wrote the dress to a state dinner hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The first lady previously sent similar statements of goodwill at the White House, wearing a Tadashi Shoji gown while hosting Japan’s president and a Versace number when hosting Italy’s president.

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3. There’s a time and place for going casual

Melania Trump gardening

Melania went “casual” with her plaid shirt that cost over $1,000. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

  • Price of checkered flannel Balmain shirt: $1,100

While she was criticized for wearing stiletto heels to visit victims of Hurricane Harvey, Melania was praised for getting it right when she dug around the White House vegetable garden with children in September 2017.

For the occasion, she donned $50 Converse sneakers and $185 J Brand jeans. The one price tag that belied her attempt at a casual look was the $1,100 Balmain flannel shirt. Either way, for her this outfit was surely lower end.

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4. She’s the only current U.S. first lady

Melania Trump boards a plane

She wore a dress designed by David Cameron’s wife. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

  • Price of dress designed by David Cameron’s wife: $450

In October 2017, Melania wore a green belted dress designed by Samantha Cameron, wife of former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron. Some speculated her wearing a dress made by another first lady was a response to a comment made by her husband’s first wife, Ivana Trump.

When Ivana appeared on Good Morning America a few days prior to promote her new book, she said she implied she was “basically” first lady. Was the dress Melania’s way of saying she’s the only real deal?

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5. A reaction to her husband’s comments?

Melania and Ivanka Trump debate

Was her blouse a response to Trump’s “locker room talk?” | Rick Wilking/AFP/Getty Images

  • Price of Gucci Pussy Bow blouse: $1,100

Following controversial audio released days earlier where the president made so-called “locker room talk,” Melania appeared at the second presidential debate in October 2017 wearing a pink pussy bow blouse. While some speculated she was commenting on the audio, a spokeswoman said the choice was unintentional.

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6. She may prefer European brands

Melania Trump G7 Summit

Melania’s coat cost more than most people make in a year. | Giovanni Isolino/AFP/Getty Images

  • Price of Dolci & Gabbana silk coat: More than $50,000

Melania stepped out in Sicily in May 2017 wearing a Dolce & Gabbana coat featuring silk multicolored flowers. While fashion websites gushed over the expensive jacket, the mainstream press didn’t take so kindly to its $50,000-plus price tag. They quickly pointed out it cost more than the average household’s annual income.

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7. Thumbing her nose at U.S. designers?

American designers are wary of being associated with the Trumps. | Christophe Archambault/AFP/Getty Images

  • Price of Valentino jacquard dress with floral design: $8,900

Not only might Melania prefer European brands, but she may also be wearing them out of necessity. Not many American designers have lined up to dress Melania, either for political convictions or fear of backlash in the press and on social media. Examples include Michael Kors and Calvin Klein.

As U.S. designers publicly refused to dress her, she’s leaned on European designers instead. She’s chosen outfits from Old World, expensive design brands including Del Pozo, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, and Valentino.

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8. She wanted to show her commitment

Melania and Barron Trump

She wore Ralph Lauren to the inauguration. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

  • Sky-blue Ralph Lauren inauguration dress: Custom made

Melania has shown she prefers some U.S. brands like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. She wore a sky-blue Ralph Lauren cashmere dress to her husband’s inauguration in January 2017. The choice resembled Jackie Kennedy’s 1961 similar inauguration ensemble.

The possible message to the country: The new first lady wanted to show her commitment to her new dignified position of serving the nation. Hillary Clinton also wore Ralph Lauren to the ceremony.

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