Is Microsoft Making a Move in the Cloud?

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced today that it will be making a major release via a live webcast from the company’s New York headquarters tomorrow. The event will be hosted by CEO Steve Ballmer, and will reportedly feature details on the release of Windows’ latest office software package, Microsoft Office 360, which rumor holds will add cloud capabilities to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, similar to those now available through Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Googledocs.

In other news surrounding the tech giant today, Skype, which Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) recently agreed to purchase for $8.5 billion, is reportedly running around the office with the hatchet this week, having fired eight senior executives so far. The company is looking to cut costs before its official buyout date as a “move that reduces the value of their [executives] payout,” according to Bloomberg. A spokesperson for Skype commented succinctly, “As part of a recent internal shift, Skype has made some management changes.”

Among the executives fired were three senior Vice Presidents, two Chief Marketing Officers, and the head of the company’s Human Resources department. It is unclear if Microsoft is on board with, or directing these adjustments, as reps. from the firm have declined to comment. MSFT is up over 1.1% in trading today.

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