Is Oracle Committed to Cloud Computing?

Bob Evans at SAP (NYSE:SAP) says Larry Ellison needs to prove Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) has a serious commitment to the cloud, during next week’s developer conference. He also feels Ellison has to show the importance of proprietary hardware/software solutions as Exadata.

According to Bob Evans, ”Oracle—and Ellison—have always loved the cloud. With its Exalogic “cloud in a box” system, Oracle is now positioning itself as a full-fledged cloud-computing player. But only a couple of years ago, Ellison was still fully committed to ridiculing cloud computing and its purveyors as misguided and misinformed lunatics. Can Ellison convince the audience that he and Oracle are serious over the long term about the viability of cloud computing? And will Oracle support various approaches to the cloud, or will it only countenance the Exalogic approach?”

Oracle’s (NASDAQ:ORCL) stock is up 1.82% to $30.25 on the news. Shares are down 3.42% year to date. The stock has traded in a 52-week range between $24.72 and $36.50.

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