Is Sex Rehab the Next Big Industry?

Drug and alcohol rehab is a booming business. So much so, reality shows such as Intervention and Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab are big hits.

Now that we’ve become a society in which rehab is our social confessional, apparently sex addicts are catching on to the new prerequisite for forgiveness. First it was Tiger Woods. Now it’s scumbag Jesse James.

Is this the beginning of a new major trend? Will online porn addicts and cheaters start checking in to sex rehab every time they are caught? Will recurring visits be the norm if relapse is inevitable?

Drug and alcohol rehab has a negative connotation. People like Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse appear out of control. However, sex rehab has the chance of becoming a status symbol for sexual prowess. If this happens, demand for sex rehab may even inflate beyond those who are truly sick.

We’ll have to wait and see how popular sex rehab becomes. However, Dr. Drew just launched a new reality show Sex Rehab in November 2009 (watch a preview below). With that type of move to capitalize on a new hot topic, I think we’re witnessing the beginning of another boom for an American “fix it” industry.