Is Steve Jobs the New King of the World?

Today, Steve Jobs announced his Apple (AAPL) Armada has been deployed to destroy Adobe’s (ADBE) Flash. The King of tech land has decreed Flash too buggy, not safe, not open, not compatible with touch, and a major drain on battery life. So, do the whims and desires of Jobs mean the world must change?

Lately, it seems Steve Jobs has become more than the CEO of Apple. He has been designated as the greatest innovator of the current era. He has been considered the darling of Wall Street. He is the guru of Silicon Valley. Most importantly, as my friend Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge noted so poetically, consumer confidence excluding iPads and iPhones is ridden with “truly abysmal numbers when once look away from the wine and ambrosia flowing at the altar of Steve Jobs.”

So, is Steve Jobs the new King of the World? I’m not talking about a small world. I’m talking about as big a King as Bush, Obama, or Jintao. I’m talking bigger than Goldman Sachs (GS), JPMorgan (JPM), Bank of America (BAC), Citigroup (C), or Microsoft (MSFT).

Is Steve Jobs saving consumerism, inventing milestone devices, and ushering the masses into the next millennium?

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