Is the Baltic Dry Index Crashing?

The Baltic Dry Index lost 2.772% or 53 points to settle at 1859. The index continues a non-stop drop from over 2000.

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Here is your Cheat Sheet for interesting news at marine transportation companies:

1) Shin Yang Shipping Corp. Berhad will pay a tax exempt dividend of 1.75 Malaysian sen per share. The payout day is 01/18/2012 to shareholders as of 12/28/2011.

2) Solvtrans Holding ASA agreed to extend the charter of Ronja Carrier with Canadian Cooke Aquaculture for additional 14 months. The current agreement for Ronja, a well boat, expired on October 31.

3) Wilson ASA expects its Q4 results to improve in comparison to Q3 results. The freight level demand was strengthening in late Q3 and is expected to continue on that path.

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