Is the World Krunk? These Charts Offer Clues

Krunk” is street-slang for crazy drunk. Is the entire world crazy krunk??

The World Health Organization offers a global breathalyzer test in the form of a new study Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health. We learned that Moldova is the most wasted country on Earth, drinking a hefty 4.8 gallons of alcohol per year (per capita).

But not to have their drinking prowess challenged, Russia and Eastern Europe make up the heaviest drinking parts of the world, drinking more than 12.5 liters of alcohol per person per year. (Britons don’t be dismayed, your ancestors drank from skull cups.)

How does the United States stack up? We down approximately 7.5 to 9.99 liters per person per year, and we favor beer. (See “Are Budweiser and Miller Getting Desperate as Micro Brews Explode?“)

Here’s your Cheat Sheet to the key insights in the WHO report:

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