Is Victoria’s Secret Dominating Women on Venus AND Men on Mars?

Lingerie may seem like a product really geared towards only the female sex. Not so for Victoria’s Secret (NYSE:LTD). Victoria’s Secret has constructed a pretty solid formula for making them the first choice when it comes to buying unmentionables, whether its women looking for themselves or men shopping for their special lady.

Victoria’s Secret has mastered the art of creating a respectable reputation in an arena where it’s much tougher than most to accomplish such a feat. Yes, other companies like Frederick’s of Hollywood (AMEX:FOH) may sell quality merchandise. They just don’t have the reputation to make customers feel as comfortable when making their purchase. I’m a girl and even I feel slightly sleazy just walking too close to the place. At Victoria’s Secret, any potential customer, whether male or female, is instantly greeted by a salesperson as soon as they walk in the door and are then asked throughout their visit if they need assistance, virtually eliminating the need for anyone to feel silly asking for some sort of help. They’ve even managed to create an image that allows them to have an annual fashion show aired nation-wide. You’ve got to be a class-act in order for CBS to allow you to display your wears that consist of not much more than colorful unmentionables eight years in a row. Victoria’s Secret advertising is even classy now. A cover shot on one of their sales catalogue can now create almost as much buzz as a Sports Illustrated (NYSE:TWX) Swimsuit edition magazine.

Other brands, such as La Perla (EPA:IME), have the reputation of a decent store to stroll into. They just don’t have the price points that won’t make most start sweating at least a little bit when handing over their credit cards. You can buy a decent brazier at Victoria’s Secret for around $20 to $50 dollars. A similar purchase at La Perla would cost a customer $89, and that’s only when they can score on a serious sale (regularly priced bras start at $100). Victoria’s Secret’s other merchandise is priced at similarly price points, and customers can save up to 70 percent off when they have their Semi-Annual Sales.

Moral of the story? If I were a betting man, or woman as the case may be, I think I know who I’d put my money on to make the most mullah this Valentine’s Day season.

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