Jim Cramer Says Sell, Sell, Sell His Company TheStreet.com According to HIS Rules

0205cramerAccording to transitive logic, Jim Cramer recommends selling the stock of his company The Street.com (NASDAQ: TSCM). In his books, Cramer says to dump stocks when executives depart suddenly or companies miss their filings. Therefore, once The Street “failed to produce their 10-Q filing for the second quarter” and executives started jumping ship, an honest Cramer would have been forced to “Sell, Sell, Sell.”

If you are looking for supporting evidence to dump your TSCM shares, here are a few strong data points:

1) The Street has sunken so low as to offer stock picks from professional psychics;

2) The Street is losing key executives and board members faster than the Phillies knocked out the Dodgers;

3) The Street’s great stockpicker Lenny Dykstra went belly up (and not sliding into home plate);

4) The Street’s last go-to guru, Doug Kass, has an incredibly questionable track record for RealMoney subscribers (See “Buy the Financials. Yes, Buy” JANUARY 2008, and Doug’s schizophrenic Twitter stream of picks (e.g., April and May 2009) which contradict his jumpy calls and articles;

5) The Street introduced a new newsletter by Ron Insana and claimed the newsletter had a track record based on performance BEFORE the newsletter even existed (Hat Tip: Michael Comeau); and,

6) Jim Cramer’s true value has been proven in Barron’s and he was waterboarded while (not) debating Jon Stewart.

Looks like the circus may be leaving town …

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