Jim Rogers: Only This One Resource Can Derail China

In a recent BBC HardTalk Interview Jim Rogers had some interesting comments. Below the video is the Cheat Sheet to Jim’s thoughts.


Rogers: “money is moving into Asia, the money’s there.”

– (on the future of growth in China) “There are going to be huge setbacks in Asia.”

– (on hedging his bets in Asia) “Where am I going to put my money, the United States, the U.K, their bankrupt!”

– “To me there is no question that there is a property bubble in urban coastal real estate in China, you will see Chinese real estate speculators going broke.”

– (on ratings agencies) “Those are the people who have totally fouled up the last ten years…you’re going to listen to them?”

–  (on future issues) “I don’t mind if China has civil wars, epidemics, panics, etc, they can recover from that, the only problem they can’t recover from is water. If China doesn’t resolve its water problem that’s the end of the story.”

–  (on aging Chinese population), “Japan is in worse shape, Italy, Spain, also have serious demographic problems, China does too though. But, they are changing they’re one child policy, I presume there are a lot of off-shore Chinese that will come back when things get better.”

(on the commodities boom), “I do [see the boom continuing], but we have a shortage of agriculture (in the US and the UK), farming has been a disaster. Unless something happens quickly food prices will go up. Somebody has to invest in agriculture, the average age of farmers in America is 58 yrs old.”

(on commodities speculation): “I would prefer for somebody to help the farmers drive prices higher, otherwise we’re not going to have any food. The inventories of food are among the lowest in historic times. Regulations are only going to make the situations first.”