Jim Rogers Quotes of the Month: Commodities, Gold, and Agriculture

Famed commodities investor Jim Rogers has a lot of nuggets to offer investors. Here’s his quotes of the month:

“Of course it can get worse. It can turn into a civil war which can rage for a long time. I doubt it will, given the state of the world. But now we are having more and more social unrest, certainly we are going to have a lot of social unrest. The price of food is going up. When food prices go up, people get out agitated and they look for someone to blame.” – in CNBC

“Firstly, I have started looking at shorting US government bonds. I think they are turning into a real bubble because of this situation in the Middle East. People are flooding into US government bonds, which is a mistake. I have bought a small tractor company in Japan today because they are starting to infuse huge amounts of money in Japan trying to solve their agricultural problems. I am bullish on agriculture, I am bullish on all commodities.” – in CNBC TV-18

“I don’t own very many equities. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I expect more currencies turmoil, more social unrest, more governments collapsing so I invest more in currencies and commodities than stock.” – in CNBC

What you have to do is you have to find things that will protect your assets, real assets: Silver, rice, natural gas; something that will hold its value in an inflationary time… I do it two ways: I own gold and silver coins in my hand, in my house, in my box; I also own gold and silver futures that’s another way to do it. – Freedom Watch, February 7, 2011

“The City of London and Wall Street are not going to be great places to be in the next two or three decades. It’s going to be the people who produce real goods in charge – the farmers and the miners.” – in The Telegraph

“The Chinese have been saving and investing over 35 percent of their income and the United States has been saving and investing two percent of our income. We’ve been borrowing and consuming. They’ve been saving and investing.” – in AllVoices.com

“Jim Rogers speaking to investors in Amsterdam this morning, said that gold is still far from being a bubble and investors should sell bonds and buy precious metals. The chairman of Rogers Holdings, who predicted the start of the global commodities rally in 1999, said that “gold should have a rest but it’s far from being a bubble yet.”

“Gold will have reached an unbelievable price before it starts falling,” Rogers said, who owns gold but prefers silver due to it remaining cheap relative to gold and cheap on a historical basis.

Rogers recently said “silver is going up, but silver is 40 percent below its all time nominal high. Yes, commodities have been going up recently, but they are still extremely depressed on a historic basis.”

“Paper money is made of cotton, and I’m long cotton, by the way. One reason I’m long cotton is because Dr. Bernanke is out there running the printing presses as fast as he can.” – in Business Week

“If the world economy gets better, commodities are going to make a fortune. If the world economy does not get better, commodities are the place to be because they are going to print more money, and that’s how you protect yourself”- in CNBC

(Source: The Unofficial Jim Rogers Blog)