Jim Rogers Quotes of the Month: Expect More Currency Turmoil

Famed commodities investor Jim Rogers has a lot of nuggets to offer investors. Here’s his quotes of the month:

“There will be more and more currency turmoil in the next few years because all the creditors are in Asia and all the debtors are in the West.” – in Bloomberg

I adored the markets, and was totally consumed and passionate about the investment world. I could hardly wait to wake up each morning and get going.” – in MoneyControl”

“What will probably happen is that I will sell my commodities (NYSE:RJI), and they’ll double again, then I’ll sell them short, then they’ll double again because all bubbles go up farther than you expect. And then, if I don’t get wiped out, they’ll fall and I’ll make some money.” – in CNBC

“I hope I’m smart enough to own commodities (NYSE:RJI) until the bull market ends. Nearly all bull markets end in bubbles, and I hope I’m smart enough to recognize the signs.” – in CNBC

“I grew up in a family where you don’t talk about how much things cost, how much money you have, how much you earn and so on. My father would roll over in his grave if I talked about things like that.” – in MoneyControl

You have a price bubble that will end someday – probably this year or next if the Chinese government keeps up their nerve,” he says. “But it’s not going to destroy China (NYSE:FXI). Real estate developers may lose money. Banks may lose money on mortgages. But the whole economy doesn’t revolve around it.” – in MoneyControl

“I thought children were a terrible waste of time, energy, money. I felt sorry for my friends who had children. I thought it was something I would never do. I was terribly wrong. They are so much fun.” – in MoneyControl 

I happen to own some dollar (NYSE:UUP) at the moment, but only because it is so beaten down…If everybody is negative on it, including me, it’s time to rally. If the dollar rallies, I suspect I’ll sell all my US dollars and put my money in other currencies. – in Economic Times

(Source: The Unofficial Jim Rogers Blog)