Jim Rogers Quotes of the Month: Investors Should be Thinking About 2013 and 2014

Famed commodities investor Jim Rogers has a lot of nuggets to offer investors. Here’s his quotes of the month:

“Throughout history when you destroy the people who save and invest and do things the right way, your society ultimately has to pay a huge price for it.” – MLC

“I certainly expect the world to have more of a slowdown in the next year or two, and that will be an opportunity for all of us.” – CNBC

“Right now I’m short emerging market stocks (NYSE:EEM) as a potential hedge (against commodities).” – CNBC

“As I have explained several times, this is an election year in the united Staes as you well know and there are something like 40 or 45 elections over the next 12 months including France, US, Germany. So we have a lot of elections, a lot of politicians who want to be re-elected, so there is going to be a lot of good news. The people who is receiving the money which is being spend and printed are obviously going to be much better off in the next year or so.

The overall situation however is getting much worse because the debt is going through the roof for all of us. So, you should worry about 2013, you should be very worried about 2014. But this year more or less is not going to be so bad.” – The Unofficial Jim Rogers Blog

“You should be worried about 2013, 2014 but overall 2012 won’t look so bad.

Profitability for American companies is at an all time high if you measure return on equity. Some people anticipate that profits cannot get much better but even if they do they can’t last much longer.

I personally invest in real assets. If the economy improves I’ll make money because the demand for those assets will increase. On the other side, when governments get in trouble they print more money and when they do that you can protect yourself by owning real assets.” – Opalesque

“My advice to young people would be to get into agriculture. If you want to make money over the next 20 years, agriculture (NYSEARCA:RJA) is the way to go. If you don’t want to be a farmer, buy the Lamborghini dealership or a restaurant in Iowa.

Why? Because the farmers in Iowa are going to be very wealthy. And they will be able to afford Lamborghinis. Fewer and fewer people are producing more and more food for more and more of us. That’s only going to get worse over the next 20 or 30 years. So if you’re smart, put your money into anything related to agriculture.” – Gulf News

“Nobody knows how much China (NYSE:FXI) is growing, including China. I don’t pay attention to all of these figures. They’re not important to me. They’re irrelevant. China is certainly doing better than most countries and it will continue to do so. It will have setbacks. There’s nothing that says China should not have a recession. But China has a lot of money saved for a rainy day and when it rains they’re going to spend. America doesn’t have any money saved for a rainy day. And when it rains we’re going to try to borrow it or print it, neither of which is good for America or for the world.” – Business Insider

(Source: The Unofficial Jim Rogers Blog)