Jim Rogers Quotes of the Month: The US Government Lies About Inflation

Famed commodities investor Jim Rogers has a lot of nuggets to offer investors. Here’s his quotes of the month:

“If China (NYSE:FXI) collapses and the stock market has a big drop, I hope I’m smart enough to buy more Chinese shares. My approach to China is that my children are going to own my Chinese shares some day. I don’t do this in any other country. Only China (NYSE:FXI). I hope one day my grandchildren are gonna say that the old man was really smart … wherever he is, thank you.”

“I only like to buy China when it collapses and it hasn’t collapsed in nearly two years. My children are going to own my Chinese shares. I’m not planning to sell my Chinese shares ever.” – in CNBC

“But with U.S. pouring gasoline over the fire, it’s going to be much more difficult for anybody to stop inflation. America is fanning it as best as it can, and it’s going to get worse.” – in www.myloansconsolidated.com

“The China (NYSE:FXI) boom continues. The China prosperity continues. I notice it spreading. The property boom continues to spread. I see that more and more. But of course, there are those who think that it’s a property bubble, including me – at least I think there is a property bubble in coastal cities. The government is trying to pop that bubble as you know and I presume that they (will) pop the bubble. The Chinese government has enough authority and control that they can pop something if they really mean it. We’ll see.” – in Forbes Blog

“Now, how many times have I told people that you should never invest in something unless you yourself know an enormous amount about it?” – in Adventure Capitalist

“We have inflation now. If you go to the shop, whether it’s groceries (NYSE:RJA), or education or insurance (NYSE:KIE) or health care (NYSE:XLV), prices are going up for everything. The government lies about it in the US.” – in MWC News

“If the bond (NYSE:TLT) goes up another 3 or 4 points, I for one am going to sell it short. I just think at some point along the line, people are going to realise it’s absurd to lend money to the United States government for 30 years in U.S. dollars at 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 percent interest. I mean the market is just going to give up. Once the Federal Reserve stops buying bonds (NYSE:TBT) I’m not sure who’s left to buy bonds at that point.” – in Reuters Insider

“What has gotten people’s attention is that gold (NYSE:GLD) has been going up and up. That is the wrong way to invest. I own gold and silver (NYSE:SLV), but it was five and ten years ago that they should have been buying gold and silver. Most investors don’t notice something until there is already a nice bull market underway. There will be more people buying gold, eventually everyone will own gold and then we will have to sell our gold. But that is a long way from now.” – in GuruFocus.com

“I think it’s better for China (NYSE:FXI) to open its currency market as soon as possible. This is not 1981; this is 2011. China is a strong and independent country now, and they don’t have to worry about the currency. It would be good for China and the 1.3 billion Chinese. Everything China imports will go down in price. You have to have a convertible currency to have a strong international economy.” – in China Digital

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(Source: The Unofficial Jim Rogers Blog)