Need a Job? The Best (and Worst) Job Boards to Search

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If you’re looking for your next gig, you may be searching various online job boards. However, using job boards as a tool for your job search can be hit or miss. There are both good and bad boards out there, and it takes time to sift through all of the offerings before finding the website that’s best for you.

While job boards are a useful tool, Certified Career Coach Cheryl Palmer, founder of Call to Career, tells The Cheat Sheet you should add a bit of networking to the mix:

Most people (60% to 80%) find their jobs through networking. Other job search methods that trail far behind networking are applying to jobs on job boards, using a headhunter, and attending job fairs. If you’re spending most of your time searching for jobs on job boards, you should reverse that and spend most of your time networking. And it will be to your benefit to actually combine the two. You can use job boards to identify vacancies and then follow up by trying to network your way into the company.

Are you ready to start your job hunt? Here’s advice on what to look for when searching for your next job through an online job board.

Choosing a job board

Look for first-person interviews. The best job boards will provide as much first-person data as possible. It’s helpful to get career and salary information directly from the source. One job site that performs well in this area is Glassdoor. The site provides information from current and past employees, who provide salary data, their overall opinion of the company, and job interview questions.

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