13 Jobs With the Fastest Growing Salaries and Biggest Pay Raises

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A nurse takes a man’s pulse. | iStock.com

There’s still plenty of troubling news out there when it comes to the economy, despite the fact that we’re sailing on far smoother waters than we were in recent years. Many folks are still earning considerably less than they did decades ago, and the forces of globalization, automation, and innovation are driving many workers from the labor pool. But with destruction comes opportunity — as some jobs become redundant, others become more valuable.

We’ve become accustomed to seeing the negative headlines bubble to the top of our respective news feeds when it comes to the economy. Jobs are being lost in sector X, for example, or perhaps a politician running for office is trying to make the economy look a lot worse than it is. But there is good news to report, too. Unemployment is currently pretty low, for one, and average incomes for middle-class households are on the rise as well.

Not only that, but there are many jobs that are actually seeing wage boosts — which is something we’re not used to hearing about given the prevailing political and economic climate.

A report from Glassdoor has outlined 13 of those jobs. These are the gigs where average base pay is going up, rather than trending down, as demand for these services grows.

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