4 Jobs That Require More Patience Than Others

Are you the type of person who can hold your tongue no matter what someone says to you? Or, are you someone who quickly flies off the handle, or simple can’t control yourself if someone else is obnoxious or rude? Many jobs will allow people who are impatient or easily agitated to remain behind the desk, or only interact with a few people at a time, but there are other jobs that require extra patience.

Some jobs also require patience when it comes to waiting for a long time for stuff to get done, or require patience in the sense that workers need to be meticulous in their work. Of course, job security is helpful, but finding work that meshes well with your personality is also a good idea in order to enjoy a fulfilling and long-term career. Here are four jobs or job fields that require a lot of patience.

1. Call center jobs

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Call center representatives often deal with a lot of stress for little money. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary is $24,380 (supervisors make an average of $45,021, but often deal with the angriest customers because representatives forward the calls on when they need help). Yet, call center representatives may call or receive calls from angry customers who don’t want to speak with them.

The majority of workers’ days usually require regular phone calls requesting money or trying to answer questions, and often the people on the other side of the line are less than happy to talk. Unless you can hold your tongue no matter what is thrown at you, and you are willing to have people hang up on or yell at you, then a call center job probably isn’t the best one for you.

2. Sales jobs

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There are several kinds of sales jobs, and most of them require extreme patience. If you work in retail, you may interact with great customers, but you also will regularly face angry, frustrated customers. Also, you may have to complete several monotonous tasks. These duties can be therapeutic for some people, but drive other people crazy.

If you choose to work as an admissions counselor, advancement officer, volunteer coordinator, or recruiter, you will also have a highly sales-motivated job, and you will need to be patient with the people you work with. In order to succeed in any sales-related job, you need to be patient, hard-working, motivated, and outgoing.

If you want to become a sales manager, you also will likely need to provide strong coaching, have business acumen, be able to hire the right people, increase your performance management, and show leadership.

3. Organizational jobs

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Not everyone is meticulous in their work. If you want things to get done as quickly as possible, and it is hard for you to wait for someone else or go slowly yourself, then a job in an organizational field might be the wrong fit for you. On the other hand, if you are super careful, patient, and a perfectionist, then you may be perfectly happy in one of these jobs.

Professional organizers may help individuals or companies get in order; also, you may organize political parties or work in an office job that requires a lot of filing or management. Lawyers, record keepers, managers or directors, and other related administrative jobs also require a lot of patience and the ability to organize and keep things in the right place.

4. Surgeons and other high-risk positions

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Surgeons certainly get paid well most of the time ($251k for general surgeons according to PayScale). However, you must be extremely patient if you want to be a surgeon. In addition to odd hours and potentially long waiting periods, you sometimes have your patients’ lives in your hands. You will need to move carefully and be willing to wait to have the timing correct for your work.

Firefighters also need patience; sometimes they have to move quickly, but being careful is always a priority. The same is true for police officers and other people who help protect or save others. Construction workers, contractors, electricians, and engineers also need to be able to work carefully in order to avoid injury or mistakes.

There are many jobs out there that require at least some patience, but these jobs require workers to be as patient as possible.

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