15 Jobs That Will Be Gone in 10 Years

businesswoman goes over notes

Certain jobs are going extinct. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Pog designer. Beanie Baby trader. Lamplighter. Elevator operator. These are all jobs that have disappeared in recent times.

Things change — be it from technology advancing, an influx of cheap labor due to globalization or shifting immigration patterns, or even just a change in consumer tastes. Yet, despite the fact that many industries and jobs seemed doomed to the dust bins of history, many Americans remain stuck in denial — even when we should be looking forward to automation and robots taking the reins from humans.

Businesses come and go. A very small number tend to survive through the generations, and it’s unlikely even some of the biggest names in business today will make it to the next century. Things change, and economies evolve. There’s not much you can do about it. And when that happens, the jobs change, too.

By looking at employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics related to job growth and decline, we were able to pinpoint a handful of jobs that are rapidly shrinking — and which might be almost completely gone within the next decade. We also used some information from a report compiled by Lottoland.

Of course, these jobs will probably always exist in some fashion. (We even have horse-and-buggy drivers to this day.) But their roles are quickly diminishing. For that reason, they might not be fields you want to try to break into. Let’s take a quick look to see if your job is on the endangered-species list.

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