Johnny Depp and Other Stars With Serious Debt Problems

Johnny Depp, the fifth highest-paid actor in Hollywood, earned $48 million in 2016, according to Forbes’ estimates. But the millions the Pirates of the Caribbean star is bringing in aren’t enough to keep him afloat if the stories about his financial woes are true. How can a man who reportedly earned hundreds of millions of dollars in the past decade be broke?

Well, it’s easier to understand once you realize Depp was also spending $2 million a month to maintain his lavish lifestyle, including $30,000 on wine alone. Combine that with personal problems and conflicts with his managers, and you have a recipe for financial disaster.

Depp’s fiscal problems appear to be serious, but he’s hardly the only celebrity who has run into money troubles. We’ve told you before about the ones who’ve declared bankruptcy, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Depp and these 14 other stars might have big paychecks, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing serious debt problems.

1. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Actor Nicolas Cage | Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Owed $14 million to the IRS

Nicolas Cage’s money troubles are the stuff of Hollywood legend. The actor owed $14 million to the IRS at one point, according to ABC News, though he’s managed to pay off a big chunk of that bill.

Like Depp, extravagant spending sank the National Treasure star. Among the things he blew his cash on were a collection of shrunken heads, a dinosaur skull, a Gulfstream jet, a variety of exotic pets, the first Superman comic, and a pyramid-shaped tombstone in New Orleans, per Thrillist.

But the real cause of his financial downfall was his real estate portfolio, according to The Street. The Oscar-winner bought multiple castles and private islands at the peak of the housing bubble but couldn’t keep up with the payments.

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