Knight Capital BOUNCING BACK and 4 Hot Stocks Active Now

Knight Capital (NYSE:KCG) has bounced back from its troubles last week and is scheduled to commence its full operations as market maker on the NYSE (NYSE:NYX) Monday, having recouped market share yesterday. In the fight to save the firm, it reportedly spoke to over 90 potential white knights. Competitor Citadel wanted a 10-20% stake and Knight’s Hotspot FX trading platform as quid pro quo for a $500 million loan.

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RIM (NASDAQ:RIMM) could be affected by India’s claim it had devised a method to monitor emails sent and received on Blackberries without resorting to encryption keys, which according to RIM are solely with the customer. This could affect the perception of security of the Blackberry system, a major attraction RIM enjoys.

A consortium that includes JP Morgan (NYSE:JPM), recycler Chinook Urban Mining and private equity player Clearbrook Capital is reported to have made a 520 million pound offer for U.K. waste management group Biffa that has debt of 1.1 billion pounds. The consortium plans to convert waste to energy, thereby restoring Biffa to profitability.

Travel outfit Priceline‘s (NASDAQ:PCLN) guidance for Q3 is gloomy on the back of slow growth in travel bookings and currency issues. CEO Daniel Finnegan says on an earnings CC: “We’re assuming fairly significant deceleration in growth rates from here on out.”

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