Kraft Foods DISSES NYSE and 2 Dow 30 Stocks Moving Now

Walt Disney Company’s (NYSE:DIS) 28-day hiatus on its recent releases, such as John Carter, will not be honored by Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), and its rival Redbox (NASDAQ:CSTR). The Los Angeles Times reports that the DVD retailers want to offer the products sooner than the studio would prefer, and that Disney and Netflix have not been able to resolve their dispute over the matter. Further, it’s said that Disney wanted better terms than its competitors.

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is depending upon facial-recognition tech for targeted ads and a number of entertainment dealmakers, to draw media partners to its new virtual television service, according to a Reuters report, but the top media content suppliers seem reluctant to allow the company to unbundle and license specific networks and shows at a lower price than what cable and satellite partners pay.

Kraft Foods Inc. (NYSE:KFT) says that on June 26th, its shares will be listed on The NASDAQ Global Select Market (NASDAQ:NDAQ), and no longer on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:NYX). Following the transfer, the ticker symbol will remain KFT.

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