Land Your Dream Job With These Insane Tricks to Make a Resume Shine

Job hunters and recruiters alike know the struggle of trying to make your application stand out. You could meet all of the required qualifications, and still hear nothing back. How do you get noticed? A great resume helps. Recruiters, successful job-hunters, and hiring managers weighed in on the best resume tips. You’ll want to write all of these strategies down.

1. Make your format unique

Businessman putting a document in paper shredder

To keep your resume from this fate, make it unique. | Jeliva/ Getty Images

When a guy applied for a highly specialized gig, Redditor Tilas noticed his creative presentation. “Guy applied for a chainsaw operator position by writing his resume on a thinly cut piece of wood to show off his skill with the saw,” he reported. “Landed him the job.” The old adage “show, don’t tell” applies especially to practical or creative fields. Let your resume show off what you can do!

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2. When listing skills, think outside the box

Job interview

Include a good conversation-starter on your application. | Robert Daly/iStock/Getty Images

Reddit user Cat-Pain-Black-Udder once hired a man with a background that made them sit up and take notice. “I once had a [resume] from a guy who won Fun House (UK TV show) when he was a kid,” they explained. “Put it down as evidence of teamwork but he was clearly just mentioning it to boast, as he had loads of actual good experience too.” Sometimes, mentioning a fun factoid like that can serve two purposes. It shows you have outside interests, and can provide proof of relevant skills, too.

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3. Tailor your resume — really, really specifically

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If you want the offer, be careful about this tip. | iStock/Getty Images

When hiring for a position, Islandsimian noticed one resume looked very familiar. “Turned out, someone had searched the keywords from the listing, found my resume, and copied and pasted parts of my experience into theirs and submitted it,” they said. We don’t recommend trying this one at home. Do not plagiarize your resume, but do tailor it to the job description.

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4. Give the recruiter a reason to read your application

Holiday gift cards displayed on a rack.

Use this tip with extreme caution. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Reddit user Zkool once received valid gift cards printed on the job application. Will bribery get you the job? Maybe, but it’s a risky move. Instead, keep your resume interesting and make sure it shows off your unique attributes. Recruiters read a lot of applications, so yours needs to stand out.

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5. Take a creative approach to delivery

Pizza delivery

We might not recommend this resume delivery method, either. | Antonio_Diaz/iStock/Getty Images

We all know the way to some people’s hearts is through their stomachs. Redditor IKnowSoftware had a candidate take that very literally. They sent a pizza to the office, with a laminated resume underneath. And yes, they got hired. While that kind of trick probably only works once, including a unique cover letter or eye-catching attribute almost always works in your favor.

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6. Make the recruiter’s job easier

a woman looking through a stack of papers

Recruiters receive a large volume of resumes. Make yours stand out. | iStock

Former recruiter HeavenInACup recommended making key information easy to find. “The coolest thing for me is when the job applicants make my job easier,” they said. “The best example I can think of was when I came across a [resume] that was clearly targeted for the position.” Consider underlining or highlighting key words throughout your resume. “I could just skim read it, saw that the person met the requirements, and could invite them for an interview. Brilliant.”

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7. Put your key skills right at the top

Dad helping elementary age daughter with school homework

Make sure your top skills lead your resume. | diego_cervo/ iStock/ Getty Images

Redditor Onedaybaby suggested kicking off your resume with a list of skills, especially in tech and programming fields. “It’s quite popular in software, like a list of programming languages/tools you have experience with, and perhaps the number of years you have been using them and last time you used them,” they advised. Putting your best foot forward never sounds like a bad idea.

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8. Demonstrate you pay attention in your field

Reporter. Taking notes

You may not have to do what this guy did, but it shows one important skill. |

One redditor noted that Cristiano Ronaldo once threw a reporter’s microphone into a river. The stunt went viral on social media. A few days later, an applicant sent in a resume with a microphone attached, for a social media management position. Show you pay attention to the news and updates in your field, and recruiters will never wonder how you stay relevant.

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9. Make your resume physically stand out

Children play with Lego blocks during the opening of the brand's first certified store

This great resume wins big for creativity. | Jay Directo/AFP/Getty Images

Reddit user Bloatedkat hired a candidate on the spot after they made their resume out of Lego bricks. While that might only work on fellow builders, you can make your resume look unique in other ways. Try a colorful header, unique layout, or (readable) header fonts. Just make sure your creativity does not obscure the necessary information.

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10. Describe your experience in a unique way

making bacon in oven kitchen

Creative titles can help or hurt you, so use them carefully. | rez-art/iStock/Getty Images

When a candidate described their prior job as “Chief Bacon Officer,” it got Mquinnton’s attention. “When asked about that, he said his job there was to bring home the bacon, meaning, to sell, sell, sell, and people were allowed to make up their own official titles there because it was a smaller, student-run magazine,” he explained. While the hiring manager appreciated the creativity, it might not resonate with anyone. However, if you can combine quirky elements like that with more standard sections explaining it, you could have a hit.

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11. Don’t discount your relevant hobbies

Happy volunteer showing her t-shirt

If you do volunteer work that relates to your career, show it on your resume. |

Reddit user Corgi_butt used to run e-sports tournaments in their free time, and put it on their resume. “It has greatly helped me sell myself as a motivated and self-starting individual,” they explained. “Yesterday, an interviewer brought it up and I talked about my experience running events more than my previous work experience.” Listing unpaid or volunteer work like that shows your passion and sets you apart from other applicants.

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12. Let your passion shine

Engineers working on electronics components and fixing broken chips

If you really care about your career, make sure your resume reflects that. | nd3000/ Getty Images

One recruiter relayed that their manager “always looked for someone who had passion for the work, not just looking for a paycheck.” One way to demonstrate that is including side projects or hobbies on your resume. Do you write novels in the time off from your journalism job? Do you volunteer to teach kids to build robots after working as an engineer? Tell the world!

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13. If you list hobbies, make them work for you

Top view of mixed race business team sitting at the table at loft office and working. Woman manager brings the document

Some hobbies can demonstrate key skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership that really belong on your resume. | Vadim_Key/iStock/Getty Images

Redditor Elmarto22 said that hobbies can appear on a great resume, with a point. “I think hobbies can certainly be added on a resume and can even be an added value (for example when you apply for a job as team lead and you were head of a scouting group).” While they cautioned against padding a weak resume with them, they can showcase important elements of your personality. If you have attributes that shine best outside of work, find a way to get them on your application, as well.

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14. Make yourself a STAR on your application

woman having job interview

Make your resume look its best, and you can land that interview. | iStock/Getty Images

One Reddit user offered a whole slew of ideas, from making a resume to acing an interview. “Go into the job interview confident in your abilities, but not cocky; know everything you can about the industry, the company, and the people you’ll likely be working with; review the job posting meticulously, research the job, and determine the core and ancillary skills required,” they advised.

The recruiter also recommended building a “STAR” profile for every single skill, highlighting your specific experience. With these tips, you would have a hard time not nailing the job.

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15. Blow recruiters’ minds with this kind of resume

a stock photo of people looking at a laptop

If you can make your resume work like this, it can really get you noticed. | Jacoblund/iStock/Getty Images

While they work best for creative or technology-focused work, interactive resumes that show off design skills can really shine. Several recruiters pointed to this great resume for a web developer that really shows off their skill. This resume, by a freelance copywriter, also gets recruiters’ attention in a unique way. Do it well, and your resume could get you in the door.

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