LeBron James, Drake and 5 Other Celebrities Who Give Away College Scholarships

Drake performing

Drake | Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Are you stressed when you think about your student loans, or if you’re still in college, how you’re going to pay your tuition? Higher education costs quite a bit of money, but there are ways to pay down your debt sooner.

What you might not know is some celebrities are more than happy to pay your educational debt for you. That’s right; you could have a celebrity foot the bill for your college career (or at least part of it). Here are seven celebrities who give away college scholarships.

1. Beyoncé

In 2017, Beyoncé celebrated the one-year anniversary of the release of her album Lemonade by launching the Formation Scholars program. The program is for female students who are studying creative arts, music, literature, or African American studies. Each scholarship is $25,000.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for her philanthropy. Back in 2015, Swift sent fan Rebekah Bortniker a check for $1,989 to help her pay for student loans. She also sent her a package containing a painting created by Swift and a necklace. The amount of the check was a reference to Swift’s album, titled 1989.

3. Jay-Z

Shawn “Jay Z” Carter formed the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund in 2003. The program awards grants to students 25 years old or younger with a 2.0 GPA or higher to help them afford the cost of attending any accredited school. Scholarships range from $1,500 and $2,500. According to the foundation, among those seeking financial assistance, 64% are first-generation college students.

4. Tyra Banks

Supermodel Tyra Banks might be a big success, but she still cares about the welfare of others. In 1992, Banks began providing financial assistance to students who wanted to attend Immaculate Heart High School, an all-girls private school in Los Angeles.

5. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj often receives requests for assistance with student loans, tuition, and other costs related to attendance. One time, the artist went on Twitter to address some of the requests. Minaj promised to help more than 20 fans who reached out for help. When one fan tweeted the rapper and asked if she could pay his tuition, Minaj said her only rule was that recipients had to earn straight A’s and show her proof that could be verified with their school.

6. Drake

Drake might be enjoying the success that comes with releasing chart-topping albums like Scorpion, but he hasn’t forgotten those who need his support. Earlier in 2018, rapper Drake gave $50,000 to University of Miami student Destiny James. He also gave $25,000 to Miami Senior High School in South Florida and announced students would receive new school uniforms designed by him (Drake endorses a Canadian clothing line named OVO), reports Billboard.

7. LeBron James

Although LeBron James earns an annual salary of $100 million and has a net worth of $440 million, he still makes an effort to give back. He does this through the LeBron James Family Foundation. Through this program, he helps students who want to attend the University of Akron. The program works with students starting in the third grade. If the students maintain a 3.0 grade point average by the time they enter their senior year of high school, they can receive a full tuition scholarship to the University of Akron.

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