Libya Will Likely Cost U.S. a 10 Figure Sum

At a time when taxpayers are extremely concerned about government spending, the U.S. has gotten involved in another big ticket item: war in Libya.

The politics are always debatable, but the costs are not. According to CNN estimates based on U.S. Navy figures,

“To date, the United States has spent some $225 million firing Tomahawk missiles …¬†The cost could reach up to $800 million to fully establish the no-fly zone and another $100 million a week to maintain it going forward, said Zack Cooper, a senior analyst for the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.”

Yup. That’s another billion dollar line item on the already record high Federal Budget. (See “Look How the Federal Budget Deficit is Bipolar and Schizophrenic“)

The most vague aspect of the estimated cost is the $100 million a week maintenance. Exactly how many $100 million weeks are we going to rack up? With politicians, the Defense Department, and Defense companies (NYSE:PPA) involved, it could be a lot more than fiscally prudent.