10 Worst Lies You’ve Been Told About Making a Living

1. Do what you love and the money will follow

Money raining down on a man holding an umbrella

Money raining down on a man | iStock.com

“Do what you love” is great advice – if someone happens to want to pay you to do what you love. But if your passion in life is underwater basket-weaving, making a living is going to be a lot harder than if your dream is to be a surgeon.

“A lot of people who care about your well-being far less than I do will fill your ears with sweet inspirational sayings like ‘follow your heart and the money will follow’ or ‘don’t worry about the pay check, find a career that makes you happy,’ Kevin O’Leary, better known as Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful” wrote in a blog post. “That’s all well and nice, but it’s hard to be happy when the numbers on your bank statement are red and the debt collector is calling you three times a day.”

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