Love Low Prices? The Shocking Things These Companies Are Doing to Save You Money

2. Walmart

walmart employee

The big-box chain is one of the world’s cheapest retailers. | Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Walmart is one of the world’s largest and cheapest retailers, but its low prices aren’t a result of its giving nature. Walmart has repeatedly come under fire for wage theft, labor law violations, and gender discrimination in stores and manufacturing facilities. A 2006 National Labor Committee report detailed how young children in Bangladesh worked up to 110 hours a week in torturous conditions for only 6.5 cents per hour.

A 2013 report also showed women were paid $1.16 less per hour than their male counterparts and women in salaried positions earned $14,500 less. When multiple reports surface of wage theft, meaning employees were forced to work through their breaks and mealtimes, Walmart was forced to fork over $151 million in unpaid wages and damages to affected employees.

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