Revealed: Iconic ‘American’ Products That Aren’t Actually Made in the U.S.

President Donald Trump’s recent push to bring jobs and companies back to America has caused quite a stir — especially because many of his personal business goods are outsourced overseas. Regardless, a few companies, such as Under Armor and Samsonite, have recently vowed to commit to manufacturing products that are truly made in America.

Most Americans — 70% — consider it important to buy U.S.-made products. Despite that sentiment, 37% said they would refuse to pay more for American-made goods versus cheaper imports. Consumers like to outwardly punish companies who manufacture products overseas, yet balk at a higher markup for a tag that’s stitched with a “Made in America” emblem. So companies continue to vie for people’s buying loyalty all while enduring a balancing act between patriotism and profits.

For some companies, money talks. No amount of American-themed beer cans or highly targeted ads can hide the fact that many iconic American brands have switched to outsourcing their goods in exchange for cheap labor. Let’s take a look at 15 brands that might ooze red, white, and blue but are actually made outside U.S. borders.

1. Rawlings baseballs

Baseball on grassy field

America’s sport uses baseballs made in Costa Rica. |

Beer, brats, and a solid nine innings of good, wholesome competition: The game of baseball is pure American. The ball, however, is a different story. The only factory authorized to supply Major League Baseball is in the town of Terriaba in central Costa Rica. Rawlings Sporting Goods has an exclusive contract with the MLB, and once each ball receives its 108 stitches, the baseballs are sent to Miami and transported all across the country.

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