Marketing Tips of the Week: 5 Fun Things to Do with QR Codes

Get your appetite ready for three courses of practical marketing tips:

Subtle Patterns – Tasty, High Quality Patterns for Your Next Web Project

These are some nice patterns you can use for web page backgrounds or even your desktop wallpaper. And the price is right, free. Have a look.

5 Fun Things to Do with QR Codes, Photo Examples Included

I’ve seen articles listing “50 things you can do with QR codes” but you probably don’t have time for that. So I’m pointing out five worth looking into, no matter what kind of business you run, or market.

By now, you’ve probably seen them. BestBuy has QR codes for many of the products on their shelves, they can be seen in many magazines, and more retailers have started using them. This article will not explain what QR codes are, why should be using them, or how to make them. You can find many free QR code generators on Google.

1. QR Codes and Facebook “Likes” from Likify

QR Codes and Facebook "Likes" from Likify(From

I’m liking this one. Make a QR code at Likify that will take someone straight to a “like” button for your Facebook page. Depending on the the code scanner a person is using, “liking” your page is just a single click away. I can imagine using this one almost anywhere, especially on something like a t-shirt…

2. QR Codes on T-shirts

QR Codes on T-shirts(Photo: DavidErickson)

They are everywhere now. Companies are sending their troops to trade shows and conferences with large QR codes on their backs. I think the back of a shirt is the way to go. It’s so much easier to scan someone walking in the same direction, and you can avoid all that human interaction. Just kidding, I think. Definitely print the code on the back.

3. QR Codes on Business Cards

QR Codes on business cards

I think every business card, and any printed sales and marketing material, should use QR codes. This photo shows the back of our cards. You can put any type of message, info or link in the code you want. This one links to a particular product page.

(Tech talk alert – If you have commitment issues you can use a redirecting URL like and your tech folks can point that to whatever page you want, instead of being stuck going to your home page for example. This trick will also allow you to keep track of how many times your code has been scanned. If your site runs on WordPress get the Redirection plugin to easily do everything I just said.)

4. Custom QR Codes

Custom QR Codes from QRLicious(From

Pretty pictures! If the black and white grid just doesn’t thrill the designer in you look into getting a completely custom CR code. These are not free, but not expensive.  I’m amazed at the options available.

5. QR Codes in Retail Storefronts

QR Codes in Retail Storefronts(Photo: inky)

You can get really creative with this. Got a downtown restaurant? Put a QR code in the window that loads a mobile friendly version of your menu, or maybe link to all your positive reviews at Yelp or Chowhound or your Google Place page. Almost any retail establishment could link codes to special sales, other promotions, new product arrivals, etc. I want to open an store just so I can play with this! I’d do some kind of in store scavenger hunt.

There it is. Five easy to implement QR code tricks that will make your business the coolest on the block. Your competitors may already be using QR codes, but I bet you can be more creative.

Got any tricks you can share? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

“Leading companies need to lead.” – Unknown

Tracy Sigler is the founder of AVL Marketing.