Why is McDonald’s Super-Sizing Its Presence in China?

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) announced Tuesday plans to double the number of employees it has in China by the end of the year as it builds more restaurants to keep up with demand from a rapidly growing middle class. It will hire another 70,000 employees throughout the year in order to staff a large number of new stores in the emerging market.

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As part of a new recruitment model, McDonald’s restaurants across China will set up recruitment zones for a one-stop recruitment process. Job seekers will be able to walk into any McDonald’s restaurant in China to experience one-stop recruitment on May 20 each year.

Since McDonald’s entered the Chinese market in 1990, it has opened more than 1,400 restaurants with over 80,000 employees, and plans to nearly double the latter number this year alone, while it plans to build another 600 restaurants for a total nearly 2,000 by 2013.

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