McDonald’s Has This Shock for Beef Lovers During National Burger Month

The world’s biggest hamburger chain is rolling back one of their biggest hamburgers, the Angus Third Pounder. Customers’ waistlines did not help draw the phase-out, but rather, their wallets did.

McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCD) announced Thursday that it would be removing Angus burgers from its U.S. menus, as reported by Reuters. The drop of the $4 sandwich, originally introduced in 2009, does not come as a surprise. With last summer’s drought and U.S. beef prices hitting an all-time high, McDonald’s has had to develop strategies to combat these rising costs.

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With U.S. market reports showing beef prices continuing to rise, the hamburger haven has worked to promote its chicken products, also focusing on the healthier additions to its menu. Needless to say, it is no wonder the 820-calorie Angus burger has taken the back burner at the company (no pun intended).

Bloomberg also explains that Americans looking to be thrify in the current economy have flocked to the Dollar Menu and veered away from the more expensive burgers. If customers are willing to pay the higher price, McDonald’s burgers are competing with other specialty chains such as Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Smashburger.  While the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder continue to have their loyal followers, the Angus burger has had a harder time competing.

Though Danya Proud, a company spokeswoman, says that the burger might still play a role in McDonald’s future menu, for now it’s goodbye to the Third Pounder.

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