McDonald’s Looks at Changes to Its Dollar Menu and 2 Other Dow Movers to Watch

McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCD): Current price $95.24

The fast-food behemoth says that it’s looking at changes to its Dollar Menu that would include items that cost more than one dollar. The chain reported that it is testing a version of its famous value menu to be called “Dollar Menu & More.” However, the firm noted in a statement that no official changes have yet been made to its current Dollar Menu, which was launched over a decade ago.


General Electric Co. (NYSE:GE): Current price $23.15

On Wednesday, GE announced the installation of its 500th wind turbine in Brazil, as a 1.6-megawatt turbine was placed at DESA’s 38-MW Eurus project in João Camara in the state of  Rio Grande do Norte. Chief Executive Carlos Augusto Leite Brandão of DESA said that We selected GE for this project because of the company’s  industry-leading technologies in wind power generation and its commitment to the industry here in Brazil. GE’s reputation for technological excellence in Brazil made it the right choice for our Eurus project in Rio Grande do  Norte. Wind energy is presently one of Brazil’s fastest growing energy sources.


Alcoa Inc. (NYSE:AA): Current price $7.78

Alcoa said Wednesday that it will integrate its group tasked with recycling aluminum in the packaging market, Evermore Recycling, with its aluminum scrap purchasing group that recycles aluminum used in other markets like aerospace, automotive, and industrial into a single organization “Alcoa Recycling,” to further boost the amount of aluminum that is converted back into new products. Throughout its used beverage container and aluminum scrap groups, Alcoa recycled about 1.4 billion pounds of external aluminum last year.


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