McDonald’s Supports 3,302 Restaurants in Japan

This morning we shared some Dow 30 (NYSE:DIA) companies helping Japan (NYSE:EWJ) now. However, another Dow component getting involved in the relief effort is global fast-food chain McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD).

McDonald’s has 3,302 restaurants in Japan. The vast majority of them are open and operating (only 300 are closed due to the disaster). In some areas, they may be one of the few dining options for earthquake and tsunami victims.

I spoke with McDonald’s Senior Director of Global Communications Heidi Barker Sa Shekhem and she told me “McDonald’s Corporation is donating $2 million toward Japan’s relief efforts. In addition, McDonald’s Japan is donating 100 million Yen toward relief efforts.”

Corporations will play a large role in rebuilding Japan (NYSE:EWJ). Whether we like it or not, the impetuous to restore business activity will bring a huge wave of corporate energy to the scene. Insofar as capitalism goes, this is one of the great aspects of how the philosophy can add value. We’re glad to see McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) playing a positive role. (See “Are Walmart and McDonald’s Saving Capitalism?“)