McDonald’s Twitter Promotion Fails Big Time

McDonalds Twitter new campaign ran amuck last week when Tweeters used the promotional hashtag #McDstories to bash their food and services. The company’s marketer tweeted, “When u make something w/pride, people can taste it, – McD potato supplier #McDStories”

Moments later tweets were taken over by adversaries claiming such things as: the company doesn’t use real meat, they served a burger with a fingernail in it and they use pigs from gestation crates.

@jfsmith23 wrote, “Watching a classmate projectile vomit his food all over the restaurant during a 6th grade trip. #McDStories” and @MuzzaFuzza wrote, “I haven’t been to McDonalds in years, because I’d rather eat my own diarrhea.”

Social media director Rick Wion said, “Within an hour, we saw that it wasn’t going as planned. It was negative enough that we set about a change of course.”

The campaign wasn’t a complete failure though. The initial hashtag #meetthefarmers, meant to promote the company’s guarantee of fresh produce, focused on stories about farmers created mostly positive tweets.