Media Biz Earnings Cheat Sheet: A Deep Dive into the Business Activity of TWX, AOL, and CMCSA

Time Warner Inc.’s (NYSE:TWX) 11 percent revenue increase in the third quarter to $7.1 billion represented its highest growth since the third quarter of 2007. A  7 percent network revenue rise to $3.2 billion year over year from increased subscription rates and robust advertising at Turner International helped contribute.

Film entertainment revenue jumped 19 percent thanks to the popular Harry Potter film and TV license fees.

One soft spot for the company was a 1 percent publishing revenue decline to $889 million from lower advertising sales. Don’t Miss: Time Warner Inc. Earnings Cheat Sheet: Revenue Growth Drives Margin, Profit Increases.

AOL‘s (NYSE:AOL) third quarter earnings report showed a mixed bag of increases and declines. The company reported a 27 percent decline in free cash flow to$56.4 million from the previous quarter and a 57 percent drop year over year. The 15 percent dial-up subscriber base decline year over year contributed to the fall.

Ad revenue climbed 8 percent year over year, slightly faster than second quarter’s 5 percent. Operating expenses rose 7 percent from the previous year due to strong spending on AOL’s web properties. Dig Deeper: AOL Inc. Earnings Cheat Sheet: Fifth Straight Quarter of Shrinking Margins.

Comcast’s (NASDAQ:CMCSA) third quarter free cash flow grew 36 percent from the previous year’s number to $1.39 billion; however, the company saw 165,000 subscribers leave. It wasn’t as bad as second quarter’s 238,000 exodus. The company added 261,000 broadband subscribers in the third quarter vs. the second quarter’s 144,000 and its voice subscriptions expanded by 133,000. This came in behind the second quarter’s 193,000 additions.

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