Microsoft Earnings Call Insights: Xbox One and Move To Cloud

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Xbox One

Walter Pritchard – Citigroup: I’m wondering, if you could talk a little bit about – you talked about COGS in Q1 and you don’t mentioned COGS, so you obviously have Xbox One launching in the second quarter, could you give us some guidance about how we should think about that product having an impact on margins, maybe comparing it to the 360 or anything else you could do to help us directionally with the COGS impact beyond Q1?

Amy Hood – EVP and CFO: As we transition to a device and services company, I think you should keep in mind that we expect CapEx to continue to grow as we ramp our business. Specifically to Xbox One and new generation of consoles and launches, I think you should think about that as we think about all console lifecycles and to keep that in mind as you model COGS and seasonality throughout the year.

Move To Cloud

Mark Moerdler – Sanford Bernstein: Can you give us some color on the short-term revenue impact of the move to the cloud? Is it just MBD? Is it also in Server and Tools? How does the license revenue convert to cloud revenue?

Amy Hood – EVP and CFO: It is primarily in MBD, where we had a higher percentage of our revenue that was accounted for transactionally, both on the business side and in the consumer side. So I think that’s why you’ve seen us in our outlook for Q1 try to start to explain that transition to consumer by saying that we expect it to lag the PC market by approximately 5 percentage points while (attaching pieces).

Mark Moerdler – Sanford Bernstein: Is there a similar lag on the transactional side on the enterprise?

Amy Hood – EVP and CFO: Yes, you can see it. When we gave the guidance for the business segment, we said 10% growth in the annuity, and so that was clearly, say, the part of that is a transactional move from recognizing the front revenue to multi-year licensing agreement.

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