Microsoft Surface 2 Out of Stock Across the Country

Surface 2

Those looking to pick up a Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Surface 2 or a Surface Pro 2 for the holiday season may find themselves in a bind. Both devices have been reported as sold out in many locations across the country, sparking rumors that sales numbers for the devices are much higher than anyone could have possibly anticipated.

A search of Microsoft’s website and Wal-Mart’s online portal by Mashable revealed that any version of the Surface 2 is completely out of stock. Apparently, Best Buy has had its fair share of trouble keeping the device in stock in its stores, as well. Mashable’s sampling of several calls to stores across the country revealed that most did not have any copies of the device currently on their shelves. Even stashes on Amazon have been dwindling in number, according to the publication.

Clearly, there are not enough units of the device on the shelves right now. This could be problematic with the holiday shopping season in full swing: Those looking to pick up a Surface 2 as a gift may move on to another item if stocks are no replenished before Christmas. For some potential customers, their business will have already moved on if the item proves at all difficult to obtain. Especially with the high price point of the initial release, there are fears that delaying sales will cost Microsoft a considerable sum of money, as well.

A question that remains unanswered is why the stocks of the Surface 2 are so low across the country. One possible explanation offered by Mashable is that Microsoft produced a low number of the devices in order to prevent against overstocking, which is especially likely considering the poor performance of the original Surface and many other pieces of the company’s hardware. Microsoft also could have underproduced in order to create the appearance of bumper demand when it turns out that the device is sold out everywhere.

A different explanation — and the one that Microsoft is rooting for — is that sales numbers of the Surface 2 have simply been phenomenal, and that production cannot keep up with demand at the current point in time, Mashable reports. With the item flying off of the shelves, such an event would be a major step forward for Microsoft’s hardware design teams and for the company as a whole. With the share of the market dominated by products such as mobile phones and tablets going through the roof, the company would be poised to capture the demand cause by at least part of the trend.

Either way, it’s bad news if you’re looking for a Surface 2 to give to that special someone this holiday season. If you’re out of options, try finding one online rather than in a physical store. While you may have to pony up a bit more cash, there are sure to be some copies of the product floating around somewhere on the Internet.

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