Monster Beverage Executive Insights: Market Share Data, April Sales

On Wednesday, Monster Beverage Corp (NASDAQ:MNST) reported its first quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call. Take a look.

Market Share Data

Alec Patterson – RCM: Just a couple of quick ones, one, when you are referencing $4.3 million loss, I just want to makes sure, we are talking about essentially all geographies outside of North America and Mexico?

Rodney C. Sacks – CEO: Not Mexico. It’s all the other geographies. So, it excludes Canada and Mexico.

Alec Patterson – RCM: Do you by chance by now have any market share data for at least Western Europe?

Rodney C. Sacks – CEO: We do. I don’t have it handy at the moment, the most current information, it hasn’t come through to me. I am expecting it likely this week.

Alec Patterson – RCM: Just lastly, Rodney, the cash keeps kind of piling up. I know you have been in the market on occasion for the stock. Have you given any further thought to other uses of cash in terms of return to shareholders or other uses at this point, what’s kind of thinking on dividend et cetera, in terms of the mix of thoughts?

Hilton H. Schlosberg – Vice Chairman, President, COO, CFO and Secretary: We have been considering various options and we will proceed with our discussion in this regard.

Alec Patterson – RCM: More to come is what you mean?

Hilton H. Schlosberg – Vice Chairman, President, COO, CFO and Secretary: Yes.

April Sales

Alton Stump – Longbow Research: Rodney that (indiscernible) total sales of 53%, is that what you said for April?

Rodney C. Sacks – CEO: 53% is international sales. The sales for April were 39% including the sales to Japan and 33% if you exclude the sales to Japan.

Alton Stump – Longbow Research: As an overall company sales number, what were sales they up in April?

Rodney C. Sacks – CEO: It’s actually 39%.

Alton Stump – Longbow Research: Just with that number obviously that’s a pretty big acceleration from the growth that you saw in the first quarter. I know you’ve mentioned, one month it can also differ, there have been various factors, but is there any single factor or two thus you can point to that drove the acceleration in April.

Rodney C. Sacks – CEO: I think again you need to take the opening sales to Japan out and then the number is 33%, but it is little higher than the average in the first quarter, but again all I can really point to all the qualifications that I gave in my remarks earlier than it is one month and it has to be taken as one month, it really – one month doesn’t make a summer.