Morgan Stanley and These 2 Stocks are the S&P 500 Biggest Losers

The S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) is down today by 2.74% and stands at 1,219. Here are three notable and stocks that are experiencing large declines today.

Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS): The turmoil in Greece is just pummeling Morgan Stanley. The stock is in danger of falling to its yearly low if the situation in Europe continues to worsen. Morgan Stanley is down 9.30%.

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Baker Hughes Inc. (NYSE:BHI): Here’s the good news about the latest Q3 report from Baker Hughes: growth on the North American continent was strong, and net profits doubled to $706 million. Bad news; much of the net profit increase was due to a $214 million tax gain, and margins worldwide have been squelched significantly. The stock is down a significant 8.73%.

MetroPCS Communications (NYSE:PCS): The company was expecting EPS for the third quarter to be $0.23. Instead, the earnings came in at $0.19. In addition, Q3 subscriber additions increased by only 69,000, as opposed to 200.000 during the second quarter. The stock is down 8.59%.

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