These Are the Most Expensive (and Least Expensive) Grocery Stores in America

No matter where you shop, grocery shopping gets expensive. But you may be making it worse on yourself by choosing a store that’s known for its high prices. Eat This, Not That! reports that according to Consumer Reports data, it’s pretty clear which grocery stores are the most expensive, and which are the least expensive.

Below, check out the stores where you can waste your money on groceries, and the stores where you’re likely to find great deals.

1. Acme

Acme Markets

Acme Markets | Acme Markets via Instagram

  • Most expensive or least expensive? Most
  • Region? Northeast

Another northeastern chain that lands on the list of the most expensive grocery stores? Acme, which Eat This, Not That! notes numbers among the priciest places you can do your grocery shopping. Philadelphia Magazine characterized Acme as the most expensive grocery store out of four different Philly grocery stores — and was even more expensive than Whole Foods, which most people think of as the priciest option.

Next: This chain will overcharge you for items you can find elsewhere. 

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