The 13 Most Expensive Royal Engagement Rings of All Time

Long gone are the days when a man in love could drop $1,000 on a ring and a future. Nope, the world’s most prestigious royals have set the bar for engagement rings way high. Kate Middleton’s royal engagement to Prince William dominated news headlines for months. And it seems Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s impending nuptials are about to do the same. Unfortunately for some, our obsession with the royal family traditions means expectations are higher than ever for our own engagement rings.

Those expectations will cost a pretty penny, too. As you’ll see by this ranking, it’s not just the British royals who spend obscene amounts of money on engagement rings (although they spend the most), it’s other monarchs as well. Here is a list of the world’s most expensive engagement rings we’ve seen to date, plus a couple that are a bit more reasonable. You know, just for sanity purposes.

13. Princess Sophia of Sweden

Sweden's Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip

The princess’ ring is worth more than $13,000. | Maja Suslin/TT/AFP/Getty Images

  • Price: Around $13,400

Before she was a princess, Sofia Hellqvist was a model and reality TV contestant with a few PR blemishes to her name. So when Prince Carl Phillip — son of Queen Silvia and brother of Princess Victoria — proposed, it sparked a bit of uproar from Swedish citizens. But the backlash was a little easier to manage for Sophia once she was presented with a center-cut diamond ring surrounded by three interweaving bands of smaller diamonds. It is worth a cool £10,000, or about $13,400 U.S. smackaroos.

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