My 120-Pound Basketball System and Other Surprising Things Amazon Ships Free

Spalding in-ground basketball system

This 116-pound basketball system ships free from Amazon. | Karen Bennett/Cheat Sheet

Amazon Prime members often sing the praises of getting free shipping on items that arrive at their doorstep in just two short days. However, even for Prime members, not everything ships free. One of the factors which determines shipping charges, or lack of them, is weight. You’d be surprised, however, at some of the heavy, bulky items which sometimes will ship absolutely free from Amazon. Here are 15 such items in order of lightest to heaviest. The last few may surprise you and may require a Google search or two.

You’ll find everything on the list from useful necessities to extravagant indulgences.

15. In-ground Basketball System

Weight: 116 pounds

Priced at $374, this 116-pound Spalding basketball system consists of a 9-foot (three-piece) steel pole, 54-by-32-inch steel-framed, acrylic backboard, and a rim and net. It anchors into the ground. I ordered this item several years back. It shipped for free, and the very heavy box was sitting outside my front door on delivery day.

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14. Life-size Bigfoot Statue

Lifesize Big Foot Statue

Bigfoot believers seem to be big fans. | Amazon

Weight: 147 pounds

If you are in the market for a six-foot Bigfoot statue, this 147-pound Design Toscano Bigfoot the Giant Life-size Yeti Statue will set you back $2,565 – but at least it will be shipped free for Prime members. It’s hand-painted and hand-cast using crushed stone bonded with resin. The product description reads, “With alleged Bigfoot sightings the world over, from the Himalayas to the Americas, this elusive, mythical legend has been captured for Toscano in a quality designer resin statue and hand-painting for startling realism.” The sasquatch sculpture has received high reviews – 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Next: A faux-concrete crustacean may be a hit by the pool.

13. Sculptural King Crab Chair

Giant Crab Chair

Who hasn’t wanted to sit on a giant crab? | Amazon

Weight: 164 pounds shipped

Have you ever dreamed of lounging next to the pool on a giant crab made of resin? If so, the 164-pound Design Toscano Spice Islands Sculptural King Crab Chair can be yours with free shipping. The product itself runs $854. Each chair is hand-cast using crushed stone bonded with resin and hand painted in a faux stone finish. Including packing material, it will arrive weighing 164 pounds.

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12. Kawai Digital Piano

kawai digital piano

You’ll have to move the piano into your home, however. | Amazon

Weight: 176 pounds

Shipping is included in the $1,899 price of the Kawai CE220 Digital Piano, weighing 176 pounds. According to the customer questions and answers, the product is delivered to the threshold, and then you’ll be responsible for moving it to the desired spot in your home. Incidentally, some assembly is also required involving putting the legs and back onto the piano and putting together the bench.

Next: A curved granite bench is shipped free to your curb.

11. Granite Venice Garden Bench

Granite Venice Garden Bench

You can also get an expert to assemble it. | Amazon

Weight: 242 pounds

The NVA Creative Garden Granite 5519000 Venice Bench weighs in at 242 pounds and can be shipped free when you order it for $699. An expert will assemble it once it’s delivered for $155 (and remove the packing material to your garbage bin), but moving it to your desired garden location (and anchoring it into the ground) is your responsibility, so get the dolly ready!

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10. French Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Kenmore 73045 25.6 cu.ft. French Door Refrigerator

It might be worth it to buy your fridge on Amazon. | Amazon

Weight: 319 pounds

The Kenmore 73045 25.6 cu.ft. French Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator is available in select cities only and weighs in at 319 pounds before being packed up for shipping. It ships free and runs just a few pennies short of $1,000. You’ll also get free hookup on this appliance. The free delivery and hookup may be enough reason to seriously consider purchasing big-ticket items such as this on Amazon, if the price is right.

Next: A bodybuilder may be needed to bring this to the front door.

9. Olympic Weight Set


You’d think that the person planning on lifting all this weight would be able to bring it into the house. | Amazon

Weight: 345 pounds

USA Sports 300 lb. Olympic Weight Set contains 300 pounds worth of weights along with the Olympic 7-foot black bar and spring collars. Just getting this weight set into your house may prove a challenge: According to the product description, since the set weighs more than 300 pounds, carriers may not be able to bring it to the front door.

Next: A Swarovski crystal chandelier ships free, double-boxed.

8. Maria Theresa Crystal Chandelier in Olde World Gold

Maria Theresa Crystal Chandelier

If you’re paying $55,000 for a chandelier, shipping fees probably aren’t a big deal. | Amazon

Weight: 394 pounds

For $55,000 this 394-pound Maria Theresa Crystal Traditional Chandelier can be yours, shipped free. It features Swarovski elements and 49 lights and is 74-by-74 inches long. For an extra $141, Amazon Home Services will come out to install the chandelier once it has been delivered to your home.

Next: You’ll need to help carry this 439-pound furniture item off the truck.

7. Chateau De Ville China Cabinet

Chateau De Ville China Cabinet

You’ll still have to help the movers. | Amazon

Weight: 439 pounds

If you don’t want to roam through furniture stores hounded by salespeople, you can purchase a china cabinet right on Amazon with a few clicks. Order this 439-pound, $1,045 Acme Furniture Chateau De Ville Collection 04079 62″ China Cabinet, and you’ll get it shipped free within a week or two. Just know that per the seller’s shipping policy, it’ll only be left curbside. You’ll be responsible for getting it into your home and setting it up. Also, you’ll be required to help unload the item from off the back of the freight truck. So be ready for some heavy lifting, or have someone else on hand who can help.

Next: This restaurant-quality char broiler, just under 1,000 pounds, ships free.

6. Bakers Pride 72-inch Charbroiler

Bakers Pride Charbroiler

Coming in close to 1,000 pounds this is a backbreaker. | Amazon

Weight: 960 pounds

You can order a Bakers Pride 72-inch Charbroiler from Amazon for $8,129 and have the 960-pound appliance shipped free of charge. The restaurant-quality, gas char broiler features stainless steel burners and a broiler cabinet. Included among all of the appliances is a cheese melter. It features double-walled, fully insulated construction and a stainless steel exterior and interior. The grill stands at 72-inches wide and 42-inches tall. It sounds like quite a back-breaking job for the package carrier.

Next: A fire-proof item weighs 1,500 pounds.

5. Premium Fire Safe

Premium Fire Safe

Nothing’s getting into this safe. | Amazon

Weight: 1,509 pounds

Starting at $4,100, this Cannon Safe brand CO54 Commander Series Premium Fire Safe can be yours. It comes in the color Gloss Champagne and can withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees for 90 minutes. Prime or not, you’ll get this 1,509-pound item shipped free. The safe holds up to 48 guns and comes with 13 locking bolts.

Next: Amazon delivered this drivable item as a stunt marketing promotion.

4. Nissan Versa Note

Versa Note

Amazon delivered a Nissan Versa Note for free as part of a stunt marketing promotion. | Reddit user listrophy

Weight: 2,523 pounds

You can’t actually purchase a Nissan Versa Note on Amazon now and have it delivered free, but one person was able to go that route when Amazon partnered with Nissan in 2014. For the promotion, 28 people ordered the car on Amazon, and Amazon delivered one of them for free in a stunt marketing move. Amazon filmed the delivery, and neighbors noticed it and took photos. All those who ordered the car also received a $1,000 credit toward Amazon purchases and were able to fill the car with Amazon merchandise of their choice.

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3. Shop Fox Three Phase Wide-belt Sander

Shop Fox Three Phase Wide-belt Sander

For those searching for a $16,000 sander. | Amazon

Weight: 2,537 pounds

The Shop Fox W1756 Three Phase Wide-Belt Sander is 43 inches tall. Priced at $16,000, we’re guessing it meets all of your sanding needs – and it ships free, which is an added bonus. The product description explains that this sander is built especially for shops that make tables or custom doors up to 43 inches wide.

Next: You may not know what this is, but you’ll need to sign for it.

2. Engine Lathe

Engine Lathe

You probably don’t need one of these, but just in case. | Amazon

Weight: 6,700 pounds (that’s 3.35 tons)

For the uninitiated, an engine lathe is a tool that holds and rotates an engine so that a mechanic can perform various operations to different parts of it. Amazon sells this 3.35-ton Jet Geared Head Engine Lathe for just under $26,000 – and, you guessed it, shipping is free. It comes from a third-party seller that requires someone to be home to sign for it. Chances are you don’t need one of these, but the reviews are a little humorous, so it may be worth taking a look. And with packaging material, this lathe actually comes out to 8,514 pounds.

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1. Grande LaScala Fountain


They’ll leave your expensive fountain curbside. | Amazon

Weight: 9,325 pounds

The Henri Studio Grande LaScala Fountain can be shipped free from an Amazon seller straight to your home, despite weighing more than 9,000 pounds. Sold by Maison Décor, the 103-inch-tall fountain will set you back $36,570. Surprisingly or not, it ships via common carrier, which will leave the fountain curbside, its parts packaged on pallets.

My 116-pound basketball system feels light as a feather when compared to this whopper!

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